SMD Soldering Tip


One of the best tip I can give you guys to make SMD soldering easier is to get fine solder. Many folks believe a thin tip is most important. But I feel a thin solder will aide more. Unfortunately, the local electronics stores don’t carry solder this fine. About 0.3mm. At this diameter, even your thin tip soldering iron will have …

HeliPadSMD Soldering Tip

Best 250mm Quad Motor

Best 250mm quad motor at the moment. Cheap and good quality and performance.

Looking at the thrust test results and the recent price drop. The best quality and performing motor in the 1806 size is the DYS BE1806. Only $9.39 in qty of 4. And the newly release black edition is available too.

HeliPadBest 250mm Quad Motor

Mini H-Quad FPV – Beginner’s Guide

Detailing my journey into the world of FPV with the racing H style frames made popular by the likes of Blackout, BAH, Lumenier QAV250, Nemesis, etc. So it will be from a beginner’s perspective. It’s great that there are so many choices to select from versus a couple of years back. The drawback is that the many choices become overwhelming for the …

HeliPadMini H-Quad FPV – Beginner’s Guide

WL-Toys V222 6-Axis Mini Quad with Camera


The V222 package contains: V222 Quad The V222 is the updated version of the best selling V959 camera Quad. It basically has the same hardware of the V959, including the frame, arms, motors, props, skids, HotenX canopy and even the same camera module. The key differences between the V222 and the V959 are the Gyro and the Tx/Rx protocol. The …

HeliPadWL-Toys V222 6-Axis Mini Quad with Camera

Hubsan X4 H107L Quadcopter

Some of you are already acquainted with the Hubsan X4 Quadcopter. My relationship with the original X4 is a love-hate relationship. I love the looks of the X4, but I hate the weak construction of it. I love the agility of it, but I hate the instability of it (during flips). I love the inexpensive components, but I hate the …

HeliPadHubsan X4 H107L Quadcopter

SYMA X3 Quadcopter Review


SYMA X3 Quadcopter Review I believe that most of you are familiar with the X1, which was Syma first launch into the Quadcopter market. The X3 is Syma’s second Quadcopter released. I know you are going to ask me what happened to X2. Well, I don’t know, just as I don’t know what happened to the first 6 before we …

HeliPadSYMA X3 Quadcopter Review

SYMA X1 Quadcopter


This is a review of the SYMA X1 4 channel mini Quadcopter. It is available in 3 styles: A Spacecraft, a UFO flying saucer, and a cute Bumble Bee. Only the canopies are different. The front rotors and motor mounts are always white. The rear ones are black. Even without any external LED lights, visibility is quite well with the …

HeliPadSYMA X1 Quadcopter

SYMA S107N Frameless Mod


This is my first mod to the S107N, well, sort of. I wasn’t intentional. It was out of desperation. An effective way to gain performance (speed) and longer flight time is to lose some weight from the helicopter. Some people take this to the extreme, removing parts, trimming them, and drilling holes to the point where the structure and functionality …

HeliPadSYMA S107N Frameless Mod

SYMA S107N Review


No one would argue that the SYMA S107G and its siblings are a huge success in RC helicopters. SYMA hasn’t really done much to change that winning formula until the recent introduction of the new S107N. So, does the new generation of the S107N measure up to the reigning king of the hill? At first glance you would think that …

HeliPadSYMA S107N Review

Lipo Battery Review – Nano Tech 300mAh, 1S 3.7v, 45-90C


Brand: Turnigy Nano Tech Model: 300mAh, 45-90C High Discharge Rate Type: 1S 3.7v Dimensions: 44.0mm x 16.2mm x 6.4mm Weight: 8.9g Connectors: LOSI compatible with Nine Eagles (also available for mCPx) Seller: Hobby King Price: $2.50 ea.  Shipping additional Recommended Applications: Micro/Nano Quadcopters, Micro/Nano Helicopters Similar Models: 300mAh, 35-70C To Purchase: Click Links 300mAh, 45-90C (compatible with Nine Eagles) 300mAh, …

HeliPadLipo Battery Review – Nano Tech 300mAh, 1S 3.7v, 45-90C